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Get a personalised online store audit now valued at $997 for FREE.

"Since working with Lume our enquiries have gone through the roof" - Boaz Keeda, Fibonacci Coffee


If you're reading this, chances are you have an online store and you want to grow.

We are passionate about helping online store businesses grow. 

We work with ecommerce store owners around the world to help them to sell more, increase their conversion rate and generate more loyal customers. 

The biggest mistake we see is that online store owners run traffic to their site without being ready... they are not Traffic Ready.

Is your site Traffic Ready? 

As a business owner you wear many MANY hats. You know how important marketing is, yet it can often fall to the bottom of the massive to-do list you have. 

Sometimes you simply don't know what you don't know. Marketing tools and tactics change all the time. And as a busy business owner if can be hard to stay on top of it.  

Take advantage of our free online store audit now to see how you score and what to do to improve your store.

Rosie Chehade Aiello, Happiness Lifestyle 

You have delivered time and TIME again and I can’t thank you enough! Keeping me calm while you took on all the stress, and kept going.Thank you times a million.

Boaz Keeda, Fibonacci Coffee

Since being with Lume our enquiries have gone through the roof and we are looking to smash this years goals and surpass them. Prior to engaging with Lume we felt that we were missing a big part of the business we deserve.

Janette Ishiyama, Image Consultants

I have been working with Lume and they are nothing short of experts! They made the whole process simple and easy to digest. The outstanding results I received in growing my Facebook page, inviting my niche market to my live events and much more.

Anna Shilina, Akuna Media

It's been such a pleasure to work with Lume. They certainly know their stuff and surpassed all my expectations. They have helped me define my brand and make sure that my marketing is simple, on point and compelling.

"Since working with Lume our enquiries have gone through the roof" - Boaz Keeda, Fibonacci Coffee